Saturday, March 20, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good.
I was surprised to see that at this years Oscars, there weren't a lot of mishaps. Every year there is always a handful of stars who daringly step out of thier fashionable zones only to appear looking akward in the spotlight. Surprisingly, this year most starlets dressed to the nines. For example, Sarah Jessica Parker. I loved her gorgeous yellow Chanel couture gown. It was utterly fashionable and glamorous. Just loved it.

The bad.
That boy. If you are on polyvore, or have me as a friend on facebook you might have seen my rambling about a guy. The thing is, he's cute and smart AND a player. Ugh. It's a delicious combo and I can't help myself. Well he's being all hot and cold. God help me.

The ugly.
One word. Weather!! Ugh, Houston bipolar weather strikes again. Just when I was about to pack away my wool coats and cashmere sweaters, and pull out my summer dresses, it's freezing all over again. I have no picture for this.


I know I have been MIA for a while but I have legible excuses for my absense.
1) my iPhone broke. I depend on my iPhone like one depends on Coffee. One needs it to fuel thier life.
2) this semster has been more then hectic. I have been so busy with paperwork I have had no time for my life.
3) i was too busy chasing that adorable boy. Dont ask.

But now I am back so let the blogging begin. Last week I was really happy because the weather was finally looking up. But today I woke up to a grey and angry sky. The weather can literlly mess up my mood. And then I was on polyvore making a set and I saw this utterly gorgeous picture of the streets of New York and I just wanted to cry. I love spring time in New York. The flowers start blooming and everyone packs thier coats up and stuffs em at the back of thier closet. And then emerges the beautiful wardrobe of the fashion fanatics. Ahhh the perkys of New York.