Saturday, September 5, 2009


i first fell in love with headbands when i used to watch that show called Madeline. I would think, wow that girls hair looks really pretty captured under that simple headband. As i grew up my love for headbands wavered but nevertheless it stayed. so two years ago when Blair Waldorf was introduced, the craze for the headbands went over the ledge. here are some of my favorite looks.

I Love this headband. It screams glamour and looks absolutely chic. you have to hand it to Eric Daman (gossip girl costume designer) for pairing the perfect headband with Blairs perfect doll-like dresses.

The beaded headband. gah, what can i say about this? actually what can i NOT say about this. its gorgeous. if your headed to some last summer BBQ's wear this headband with a maxi dress. everybody will remmeber you as the girl with the gorgoeus outfit.

Very hippie, very relaxed and VERY fun.

All hail to hippie queen Nicole. i la-la-LOVE this style. I tried this style the other day, but the chains kept falling down. and the overall look was very lopisside. not attactive at all. if you going to wear this look have someone else do it for you.