Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I don’t think this person requires an introduction. However for those of you who have been living under a rock this is Carine Roitfeld. If however, you still can’t recall who she is, do the words glamazaon, the French Anne Wintour, cold hearted fashion bitch, and style extraordinaire ring a bell? Carine Roitfeld is after all the lady who marches through Paris in Yves Saint Laurent pumps creating the next big look. Her style is something I have always admired. Perhaps it is the tendency that she has to stick with neutrals, rather then opting for brighter colors. Or perhaps it is her chic, classic style which has the defined the Parisian look. Sometimes she also sports the Paris street style look which is the reason for her continues appearance on blogs such as jak&jil. Nevertheless whatever it is, I love, as you may have guessed, her style. Wearing black all the time isn’t hard; as a matter of fact most people do follow this trend. But the ability to wear black with coquettish elegance is a talent many people cannot attain. No wonder she is the editor-in-chief of French Vogue. 2010 will mark her 10th anniversary as the editor.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So from now on i will be doing weekly yes! yes! yes! no! here goes the first one.

the first yes in none other than the ever fabulous Chanel Iman. I effing love what she is wearing here. I know it is winter and this wont work in cities such as Manhatten or Torronto, but its worth a try. the city bag looks gorgeous as ever.

the second yes goes to the lovely Robert Pattinson. (not edwrad cullen. ugh gag.) his suit is clean cut and for once he looks human and not like some sleep deprived crack whore.

Zoe Kazan. Lovely. like an angel. yes. yes. yes. effing gorgeous dress. enough said.

At first i was like whose that old man. and then i realized that it is the ever-so-sexy-but-not-sexy-anymore Brad Pitt. What happened to him? did someone hit me on the head and did i fall into coma. and now that i am awake Brad is some hideous old man. jesus, what did Angelina do to him?!? hes a definite no.

and thats all for this week kids.
ciao darlings,