Monday, August 10, 2009

Table Books

We all have our favorite books, but what about table books? Aren't the fun? i mean all of the glamorously chic pictures which can inspire even the most uninspired person.

this one is a classic. it has pictures by some of the most noted photographers from around the fashion world.

You have followed his blog, copied his pictures, and now you can have his book. yup the sartorialist is out with a book. YAY. i am actually really excited that this book is out. cant wait to get my hands on a copy when i have time to make a trip down to Barnes and Noble.
A know how to careers in the fashion world. a must for every girl (and guy) who plans to throw her (him) self into the hands of the devil. HA.
how can you NOT like this book? i mean come on, need i say more?

when i was little my parents helped stimulate my brain by showing me Louis Vuitton monograms. LOL. the other ones (the black and white polka dots brain stimulator's) are very nauseating. do you get what i am trying to say here?

The true fashionistas of the world. well there are other girls, but these two have been working since they were in their diapers. did you know New York magazine named MK as one of the most powerful women in Hollywood? wow.

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